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This was once a country where robots built things

Jul 14, 10 • by Craig Fitzgerald • Uncategorized1 CommentRead More »

Every ad agency needs to hire at least one person who is willing to not kiss the ass of the creative director, thereby heading off stupidity as is displayed in this Jeep Grand Cherokee ad, debuted in June of 2010.

The ad is called “Manifesto” and it was developed by Portland, Ore.-based Wieden+Kennedy.

Around :48, the voiceover says “This was once a country where people made things.” The accompanying video displays a disturbing large number of robots screwing cars together on the assembly line.

This struck me hard in the face, just like the time Jaguar used the Clash’s London Calling as background music, or the incessant ads for Carnival Cruise Lines featuring a heroin-addled Iggy Pop.

Wake up, creative people.

One Response to This was once a country where robots built things

  1. Scott says:

    I’d bet the creative knew exactly how wrong it is. The “creatives” often have a good bit of disdain for the mainstream products they’re asked to sell. Asking a Portland creative type to make an ad for an SUV… that’s asking for a coy rebellion.