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  • The Massachusetts RMV stole my $750

    Aug 31, 10 • Legislation, News4 Comments
    The Massachusetts RMV stole my $750

    So I went to switch over my license and my plates from the state of Vermont to my new state of Massachusetts today. I purchased both cars privately, from residents of Massachusetts. The transactions we conducted both took place in the state of Vermont, since both sellers accommodated me because I didn’t have Vermont plates ...

  • What’s the Fiat-Chrysler Dealer Meeting Mean for New England?

    Aug 30, 10 • New Cars, News1 Comment
    What’s the Fiat-Chrysler Dealer Meeting Mean for New England?

    The Detroit News reported yesterday that 400 Chrysler dealers flew into Detroit to hear a pitch from Fiat in the hopes that they could convince 200 dealers in 119 select cities around the country to open a Fiat store.Today they’ll be attending the “Fiat Experience” at the Detroit Institute of Art, and I would expect ...

  • Fix Your Saggy Headliner!!

    Aug 28, 10 • DIY, Vintage Cars1 Comment
    Fix Your Saggy Headliner!!

    My daily ride is a 1983 Pontiac Parisienne. I’m a sucker for B-Body GM cars. The Parisienne is my third, preceded by an ’82 LeSabre and an ’87 Electra Estate Wagon. They’re cheap to buy, cheap to run and cheap to fix. But if they have one Achilles heel, it’s the shell-type headliner that came ...

  • Seoul Man

    Aug 27, 10 • New Cars1 Comment
    Seoul Man

    At my day job yesterday, we were trying to decide which Kia to write about. There’s a new Forte5 on the way in November, so we figured we’d preview it, under the assumption that the Forte was probably one of Kia’s top sellers. But instead of going on my assumption, I took a look at ...

  • Pebble Beach for Cheap Yankees

    Aug 26, 10 • Vintage CarsComments Off
    Pebble Beach for Cheap Yankees

    Friends, the last Sunday of the month is upon us, and for New England old car cheapskates that means only one thing: the monthly swap meet up in Amherst, New Hampshire. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why anybody goes to a car show that doesn’t have a swap meet. If I ...

  • Institutional Memory

    Aug 25, 10 • New Cars, Vintage CarsComments Off
    Institutional Memory

    A decade before our entry into the second World War, Henry Ford was packing 60 pounds worth of soy products into every single car Ford built. ...

  • The Blind Leading the Blind Spot

    Aug 24, 10 • New Cars, News28 Comments
    The Blind Leading the Blind Spot

    “And now, my friend, the first rule of Italian driving: What is behind me is not important.” – Franco Bertollini, The Gumball Rally (1976) I’m an unabashed fan of cars from the post-war period, right up until the end of the 1980s. Even those cars from that bleak period in the 1970s, after the fuel ...

  • Things that make a nice commute even better

    Aug 23, 10 • Uncategorized1 Comment
    Things that make a nice commute even better

    For the seven years I worked at Hemmings Motor News in southern Vermont, I had a commute that never took me more or less than 15 minutes. It was so brief that when the price of gas shot up to close to four bucks a gallon, I was riding my bicycle to work. Truth is, ...

  • Friday’s Vintage Car Day!

    Aug 20, 10 • Uncategorized2 Comments
    Friday’s Vintage Car Day!

    Just owning a vintage car and looking at it in the garage isn’t enough for me. You’ve got to drive it, and you’ve got to drive it just like you’d drive your regular car. With that in mind, I took my ’68 Buick Riviera from my new home in Holliston to my office in Waltham ...

  • The UAW can’t help shooting itself in the foot

    Aug 19, 10 • UncategorizedComments Off
    The UAW can’t help shooting itself in the foot

    Chasing reporters — there to cover your stupid event — out of the parking lot of your union hall for driving a foreign car. Ugh. Isn’t it time for these UAW assholes to finally fade into obscurity? From the Kansas City Business Journal: