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  • Review: 2011 Infiniti M56x

    Jan 28, 11 • New Cars1 Comment
    Review: 2011 Infiniti M56x

    I’ve written a few reviews recently that upon reflection seem to suggest that I can find fault with just about anything. Not true. I expect a lot out of cars, though, and there is a slim handful that I don’t expect to be better. The Infiniti M56x is one of those cars. I haven’t thought [&hellip...

  • Yankee Driver on

    Jan 22, 11 • New Cars, Publishing2 Comments
    Yankee Driver on

      Just a quick note to point you toward (and later in print in the Boston Globe) where I wrote a piece on auto makers and Gen Y. Read it here:  ...

  • NHTSA announces stupidity prevention rule

    Jan 14, 11 • Legislation, NHTSA2 Comments
    NHTSA announces stupidity prevention rule

    Now, we're down to the seeds and stems of automotive safety, and NHTSA's got to manufacture things for itself to mandate. Soon, you're going to see rear-view cameras and video screens to help America's dumb avoid killing fewer than 300 people a year because they're too fat or lazy to look out the back window...

  • Review: 2011 Honda Odyssey Touring Elite

    Jan 7, 11 • New Cars5 Comments
    Review: 2011 Honda Odyssey Touring Elite

    I’ll put this right up front: I don’t get the modern minivan. A little minivan history: when Chrysler first introduced the Dodge Caravan and its badge-engineered cousin, the Plymouth Voyager back in 1984, I got them just fine. I didn’t like them anymore than I like minivans now, but I understood the purpose they served. [&hellip...