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This Week on ThrottleYard

I’m having a great time finding cool bikes for sale and writing about them on ThrottleYard. It’s really forcing me to try and think about the bikes an audience of enthusiasts would find interesting, and I think I’ve managed to come up with some neat stuff.

Check ‘em out and leave comments:

1956 Bianchi Mendola

1988 Harley-Davidson Sportster

Harris Estate Auction, Norwood, Mass.

1957 Zundapp Bella

1966 Ducati Monza

One Response to This Week on ThrottleYard

  1. Phil Are Go! says:

    Wow! I didn’t use to be a bike guy until I saw some old bikes. I’m liking the return of cafe racers. Those bikes are so much slicker and less clunky than the usual Harley hog. I really love the Bianchi. Until you posted this picture, I didn’t know Bianchi made motorcycles. I only knew them as a bicycle manufacturer, so of course it makes sense that they did motorbikes too. That color on the Bianchi is their trademark color. They call it “celeste green” and most Bianchis you see will be that color. I have seen a few in non-celeste-green colors, but very few.

    Thanks, Craigf!