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1974 Porsche 914/4 For Sale

May 5, 13 • by Craig Fitzgerald • Car Lot Finds, Featured, Vintage Cars1 CommentRead More »

FrontIt’s not often when a friend parts with a truly wonderful car, but when it happens, you have to strike while the iron is hot. My friend Greg is sending his gorgeous Porsche 914/4 down the road. If you’re on the left coast anywhere near San Francisco, it’s well worth checking out.

There’s a link to Greg’s Craigslist ad here and at the end of the post that impeccably details the history of this car. It’s modified, but in a way that makes the car significantly more driveable than the way it came from the factory.


Despite the Massachusetts plates, this 914/4 isn’t the kind of rotbox that you usually find in these parts. A few years ago, it was resprayed Saturn Yellow by KTR in Ayer, Massachusetts, the outfit most famous for having J. Geils at the helm. Suffice it to say that with the collection of cars they manage for a very exclusive clientele, they know what they’re doing. rear deck If there’s any question about its reliability, Greg drove it from sea-to-shining-sea several years ago in 14 days with nary a hiccup. He says it’s ready to make the return trip whenever you are.


Greg’s a videographer by trade, and you get the sense of that when you look at his photos. He’s also posted a few videos of the car for your viewing pleasure.

Here’s second gear roll on. I might be cashing in my savings bonds.

Check out the ad here for all Greg’s contact details, or you can see even more photos and videos at his flickr page.

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