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What’s Better Than A Malibu Wagon? A Malibu Wagon With a Stick

May 6, 13 • by Craig Fitzgerald • eBay Finds, Featured3 CommentsRead More »

Front Lead 1981 Malibu WagonBoys and girls, pull up a chair and let us regale you with a tale of a time when you didn’t just buy whatever some schmuck dealer ordered to sit on the lot. You sat down and pored over the dealer’s order book and figured out the very configuration you were looking for, and sometimes, after hours of figuring out intricate equipment logic, you ended up with a 1978 Malibu Wagon with a four-speed.1981 Malibu Wagon StickWe’ve seen a handful of Monte Carlos and Cutlassessess come through ordered with four-speed manual transmissions, but this 1978 Malibu Wagon is the first longroof we’ve seen where you mixed your own gears.

1981 Malibu Wagon Interior

G-Body Wagons are something of a rarity these days. A lot of them were used up in bracket racing because they’re durable, relatively light, and fit up nicely with the ubiquitous GM 350. Thankfully, this one has escaped such a fate so far.

1981 Malibu Wagon EngineWith just 70,000 miles, it’s definitely a car worth watching. It’s a little rough around the edges with some missing trim here and there. It’d be interesting to see what this bids up to when the auction closes.


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3 Responses to What’s Better Than A Malibu Wagon? A Malibu Wagon With a Stick

  1. Dave Stall says:

    I want that car.

  2. Wendy Moore says:

    Oh, crap , where is it, and how much?