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Car Lot Finds: 1968 Valiant Signet

May 8, 13 • by Craig Fitzgerald • Car Lot Finds, Featured, Vintage Cars4 CommentsRead More »

1968 Valiant Signet Clunker Nation LeadApparently, I’m turning this blog into the tan Chrysler A-Body Forum. Why is it that you start seeing cars like this in bunches? I was tearing through town this morning and noticed my local car dealer guy had this ’68 Valiant Signet on the lot.I was intrigued by the two-door bodystyle and the poverty caps, so I stopped to take a look. The price tag was a shocker. $17,500. On what planet does a ’68 Valiant cost $17,500?

1968 Valiant Signet Clunker Nation Interior
On a planet where it’s equipped with a breathed-on 340 and a four-speed with a pistol grip shifter, I guess.

1968 Valiant Signet Clunker Nation Emblem

The list of modifications here is extensive:  It’s a 1970 340 with aluminum heads, a Mopar aluminum intake, an aluminum radiator, a new steering box from Flaming River, Holley electric fuel pump and carb, an 8 3/4-inch rear with a limited slip differential and a new clutch and pressure plate.

1968 Valiant Signet Clunker Nation Headlamp

It’s a badass little vehicle that could dust a handful of Camaros and Mustangs at the stoplight drags.

1968 Valiant Signet Clunker Nation Rear

Still, $17,500 is a lot of coin for a Valiant. No matter how much of a street sleeper it might be, you’re still driving your Aunt Esther’s car, in a color that’s more of an anti-color than anything else.

At the very least, it’s a cool diagram for building your own hot-rod Valiant.

4 Responses to Car Lot Finds: 1968 Valiant Signet

  1. William Robinson says:

    Great spot you’ve got here. I always tbought more people should be writing about the cars the rest of us drive….
    At $17 500 that thing is spensive, I think at $9500 it would still be overpriced but much more likly to sell. It’s definatly how Id built one but I think it could be done with salvage yard bits from a dakota for a bunch less coin. Again keep em coming… love the site

    • Craig Fitzgerald says:

      Thanks, William. I appreciate the comments.

      You’re right on the money with the price. I was thinking just under $10,000.

      This particular dealer has set some pretty lofty price goals. He’s got a driver-quality ’70 Cutlass convertible he’s asking $12,000 for, which is about $3,000 more than it’s really worth. He’ll sit on it all summer at that price.

  2. Channing Greene says:

    For under 10 grand, that is something I’d love to have. Perfect sleeper.

  3. Phil Are GO! says:

    Wowzers! A delicious sleeper indeed. Maybe one could talk the salesman down? They never post the expected sale price.