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  • Photos: Hot Wheels Camaro, 2014 Silverado

    Jun 28, 13 • New Cars6 Comments
    Photos: Hot Wheels Camaro, 2014 Silverado

    Just a quick post from an event I went to last night. Chevrolet came to New England with some very cool stuff last night, including the Hot Wheels Camaro, and the 2014 Chevrolet Silverado, which I think I might be in love with...

  • Banned: 7 Cars to Have Sex In

    Jun 27, 13 • New Cars, News, Publishing6 Comments
    Banned: 7 Cars to Have Sex In

    (Ed. Note: Apparently, a certain major search engine has a “family audience.” That audience is fine with front-page promotion of a “Red Band” trailer for an R-Rated movie in which Jason Statham graphically shatters a guy’s elbow (see below), but humorous allusions to sex in a car? Why, I never. Anyway, here’s the post, in [&hellip...

  • My Clunker Project: 1992 BMW E30 Convertible

    Jun 26, 13 • Car Lot Finds, Featured1 Comment
    My Clunker Project:  1992 BMW E30 Convertible

    My first encounter with anything BMW was back when I lived in Colorado around 1980. I had a repair shop at home but it was 95% based around Japanese cars. A family member called and asked if I could take a look at his friend’s ’75 BMW 530. Never afraid to take on something new, [&hellip...

  • Cars of the Whitey Bulger Trial

    Jun 26, 13 • Vintage Cars3 Comments
    Cars of the Whitey Bulger Trial

    In and around the Boston area, the James “Whitey” Bulger Trial is captivating. It’s a real-life Goodfellas, just cast with actual thieves, drug dealers, murderers and general scumbags instead of actors. Evidence photos are making the rounds, and they show an interesting slice of what gangsters and ordinary people caught in the crossfire were driving [&hellip...

  • What’s Your Favorite Car?

    Jun 25, 13 • Featured, Vintage Cars6 Comments
    What’s Your Favorite Car?

    There’s that line in Monty Python’s Holy Grail: The knights turn up at the bridge, and the troll who guards it asks them questions. “What’s your favorite color?” he asks. Simple enough, right? Mind you, don’t get it wrong or you’ll be flung into the abyss. It used to be pretty easy to pick ONE [&hellip...

  • Motorcycle Monday: Ducati 888

    Jun 24, 13 • Featured, Vintage MotorcyclesComments Off on Motorcycle Monday: Ducati 888
    Motorcycle Monday: Ducati 888

    Boy Scout Troop #888 was selling popcorn and other vittles at a festival in Maryville, TN, this afternoon, and after I stopped thinking about popcorn and vittles, I started thinking about the Ducati 888. I know the first bit I wrote for this blog was about the Ducati 999 and wasn’t too many weeks ago, [&hellip...

  • The Car That Never Existed

    Jun 20, 13 • Vintage Cars3 Comments
    The Car That Never Existed

    (Ed. Note: This piece comes from my friend Paul Zangari. We’ve known each other for years, and I’ve been on his show — Drive Thru Radio on AM 790 in Providence. Great to have him contribute here.)...

  • Wagon Wednesday : ’68 Dodge Polara

    Jun 20, 13 • Car Lot Finds, Vintage Cars1 Comment
    Wagon Wednesday :  ’68 Dodge Polara

    A couple of nights ago I was cruising through a small town close to my home and noticed a smalll gathering of classic cars. They are often parked there as there is an old-time drive-in burger joint next door to this particular parking lot. What really stood out was this one station wagon dressed in [&hellip...

  • 5 Favorite Cars I Loved Before I Knew Anything About Cars

    Jun 19, 13 • Vintage Cars6 Comments
    5 Favorite Cars I Loved Before I Knew Anything About Cars

    My old man (pictured above with me at age 3 and his ’67 Dodge Polara in the background) wasn’t what you’d call a “car guy.” He liked cars, but never purposely opened the hood of one the entire time I knew him. We never went to a car show, and we never spent time hanging [&hellip...

  • What’s In Your Glovebox?

    Jun 18, 13 • Vintage Cars3 Comments
    What’s In Your Glovebox?

    If you follow our Facebook updates or have talked to me at all in the last 36 hours, you know that I bought a 1978 Chevrolet Blazer with 56,000 miles. It’s not quite as nice as it shows in the pictures, but I’m really, really happy with it. What I’ve learned, though, is that I’m [&hellip...