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Wagon Wednesday: 1961 Plymouth

Jun 5, 13 • by Randy Foster • Car Lot Finds, Featured3 CommentsRead More »


I don’t have much to say about this except that I think it’s cool as hell that someone is driving this vintage ’61 Mopar on a regular basis. I wish the owner would’ve been around as I would’ve liked hearing the story on this cool ride.




Until now, I had never seen a wagon with a 413 Cross Ram setup, freaking beautiful.

3 Responses to Wagon Wednesday: 1961 Plymouth

  1. Tony Cerulle says:

    Damn that’s cool and funky! It’s got AC too!!

  2. Channing Greene says:

    I love wagons, in general, but seeing something like this on the street regularly would definitely be cool. My personal station wagon dream is a ’69 Ford Country Squire. My folks had one with a 429 when I was a kid. My brother used to race it for beer money. It was heavy, but that429 sure made up for it.

    I also love the ’69 Kingswood Estate (Chevy) and the ’69 and ’70 Buick Estate wagon. Anyone else have a favorite wagon?

  3. Steve Strieter says:

    My opinion and 2 bucks will get you a decent cup of coffee, but: wagons are cool, and big-engined wagons coolest.
    There were 2 types of long-ram induction: that’s the “long-long” as the dividers between each pair of ports extend the full length. The dividers on “short/long” setups had half-length dividers, which moved the power curve upwards a bit.
    If that’s a 413 it’ll have a raised horizontal milled pad aft of the timing cover (as does the 426W & 440), but it could also be a 361 or 383, which doesn’t have that pad. Regardless, a complete long ram setup- all the choke tubes, correct carbs & air cleaners, etc – is a spendy proposition, but really makes the underhood impression.