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What are you reading?

Jun 7, 13 • by Tony Cerulle • Featured, New Cars, Publishing7 CommentsRead More »


I like cars and I like reading about them. As a “car guy” people sometimes ask my opinion about cars they’re considering to purchase so I need to have some working knowledge of what’s current. Once in a while I buy new cars myself so I want to know what’s new to guide my own decisions. I try to keep up with new car news but I’m struggling lately with what publications to read. I only have so much time and it’s hard to buy a magazine that doesn’t bore me with news about racing classes I could give a shit about or interviews with track owners or celebrities I’d probably want to knee in the balls if I ever met. I also hate magazines that piss on American cars just because they’re American and laud German cars just because they’re German.

So now that my Autoweek sub is lapsing I find myself wondering what to replace it with. I subscribe to Hot Rod, Car Craft, GM High Tech Performance, Pontiac Magazine, Hemmings Muscle Machines, Hemmings Classic Car, Collectible Automobile and Auto Restorer (holy shit!) but they don’t delve into new cars unless they’re American Performance models.

So to get a broader perspective what should I be reading? Car and Driver? Road & Track? Something online? I’m still old school enough to want to hold something in my hand that I paid for so paying for an online sub seems as sensible as throwing my money out the window as I drive down Rte 93. But I’m adaptable if something is worth adapting to.

So I ask the fraternity of car people here – What are you reading?

7 Responses to What are you reading?

  1. Mike Eldred says:

    Let us know when you find it. I dropped all of my subs to non classic car publications because they’ve all devolved into a collection of press releases with bylines. I don’t need to read propaganda from industry whores hoping to get advertising from the manufacturer. I don’t need articles that focus on toys I’ll never use, like the latest facebook/weather/GPS interface. (The day I need a machine to tell me where to go, I’ll turn in my keys and go to the great parking lot in the sky.) I don’t need a magazine that hypes the latest luxury cars. I don’t have the money to buy luxury cars, but if I did, I’d spend it on something a hell of a lot more frivolous than an Audi or a Lexus. And, although I prefer European cars myself, I agree that I don’t want to read a magazine that ignores all the great things American car companies are doing to save space for articles hyping European cars that you almost never see on the road in Europe.
    I’d like to see a magazine about real cars that real people drive. When’s the last time you saw a Hundai on the cover of a US car magazine?

  2. David Esch says:

    I had a small struggle letting loose of my Autoweek subscription, not so much because of the coverage they provide, but because it meant saying goodbye to Noise, Vibration and Hardness, and writers I really enjoyed and admired. I was asking the same question you are.

    My advice? Don’t add anything. I am now happily subscribed to Hemmings Motor News, Classic Car, Sports and Exotics, as well as Sports Car Market and Collectible Car.

    These don’t provide updates on the latest technologies and models, but at least in my case, I don’t seem to miss it very much. You can read the occasional online stuff to sate that thirst, and if you do get into new car buying mode, you’re gonna go way past what Road and Track has to say anyway right? Even if you suffer withdrawals for a few weeks, you’ll be OK. Just pop in here and I am sure we can fix you right up. Craig gets all the press feeds anyway. :)

    Keep the $40 a year and put it toward parts. Or events. Or?

  3. dt says:

    Open next to me right now is SIA #103 to an Arch Brown feature on the Cord L-29; and the May Four Wheeler.

    I get Four Wheeler; 4 Wheel and Off Road; Hot Rod, Low Rider; Super Chevy; MT, R&T, CD and Automobile; Autoweek; Evo; Motor Cyclist; Octane; Truckin’; Auto Express; Car Craft and probably some more I can’t think of.

    I think all four big new car buff books have seriously stepped up their game in the last year. There’s stuff worth reading in there.

  4. Roger Henry says:

    Motorcycle Consumer News is hands down the best motorcycle magazine ever published. It does not accept paid advertising, and therefor is 100% (or close to it–each writer has his/her biases) objective. I long for a similar automotive magazine.

  5. William Robinson says:

    I dropped all of my magazine subs four or so years ago. I would pick up R&T if I liked the cover and the summarys sugested somthing I would like to read, the last R&T I picked up was the corvette sales brochure from a few years back. It seems to me that they where getting away from truthful and seat of the pants car reviews and replacing them with boring dribble and a ton of charts and graphs. Since then I get my reviews from you tube and news and entertaining reading from many places, like this site and many others. The bonus of You tube is the variety of reviews from other parts of the world, sometimes its nice to be able to compare the same car in different markets, also these type of reviews are short and to the point, which is great when my ADD is telling me of all the ones I should watch, all at once.
    Keep your reliable subs and farm out the new car stuff to a “handheld” tablet. They are easy to use (if I learned anyone can do it) and the internet is much better than waiting inbetween issues to watch your favorite publications take that long rotating slide down the porcelin bowl.

  6. Timothy W. says:

    I get the Hemmings trio, Classic Automobile, and that’s about it – I get all of my “up-to-date” news from the blogs, and stick to the car magazines for my historic vehicles. I’d like to add R&T Classic as well, but it’s pricey for a quarterly magazines…

  7. Channing Greene says:

    I still get the “Big 4” but find myself wondering why. They all cover the same cars. It’s mostly for the columns. I like Ezra Dyer in Automobile. Robert Cumerford’s ‘By Design’ evaluations of new car design are excellent. If I had to get down to one of the “new car” magazines, I’d choose Automobile.

    As for the rest, I get HMM and HMN in print. I get all four Hemmings magazines in Digital on my IPad and my phone. I also subscribe to Collectible Automobile, Muscle Car Review, American Car Collector, and Auto Enthusiast. Although I enjoyed Cars and Parts and Pontiac Enthusiast, auto Enthusiast does nothing for me.