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Wagon Wednesday : ’68 Dodge Polara

Jun 20, 13 • by Randy Foster • Car Lot Finds, Vintage Cars1 CommentRead More »

A couple of nights ago I was cruising through a small town close to my home and noticed a smalll gathering of classic cars. They are often parked there as there is an old-time drive-in burger joint next door to this particular parking lot. What really stood out was this one station wagon dressed in widow black. I had to find out what it was and pulled an old-fashioned u-ey to go back for further investigation.

What I found was one very original (except for the wheels) ’68 Dodge Polara Wagon. Nothing fancy about this long roof that would make it stand out in a crowd, it was just a basic wagon and the type of which I’m rather fond of. It was still dressed in the original paint complete with all the door dings, scratches and minor blemishes. As I was admiring it, I imagined it with the original black steelies that were probably covered by a full wheel cover of some sort. Under the hood sat a 383 two barrel mated to a torqueflite and the owner informed me it was the original mill and tranny.


Now to the good part, the current owner told me the car’s story which I found to be quite interesting. It seems that this car was bought new by a local funeral home and spent most of its life hauling all the flowers for the many funerals it has seen. I watched as the owner’s wife fired it up and drove away, smooth and whisper quiet. How fitting for the duty it was purchased for.



One Response to Wagon Wednesday : ’68 Dodge Polara

  1. Roger Henry says:

    My neighbor Evert had one of these when I was a kid. It was not well cared for. I remember him cranking, cranking, cranking–with that unique whispy Chrysler starter sound. It would fire…stall…crank…fire…stall…then stay running…rougly..while he revved the bejesus out if it…with carbonny black smoke bellowing from the tailpipe.

    Note to the kids: This indicates a stuck choke. “What’s a choke?” Ask your gramps.

    He used the wagon to drag a double axle house trailer every summer….the bumper was nearly dragging from the weight. I always pitied that poor Dodge.