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Photos: Hot Wheels Camaro, 2014 Silverado

Jun 28, 13 • by Craig Fitzgerald • New Cars6 CommentsRead More »

Camaro1Just a quick post from an event I went to last night. Chevrolet came to New England with some very cool stuff last night, including the Hot Wheels Camaro, and the 2014 Chevrolet Silverado, which I think I might be in love with.

Camaro3 Camaro2 Silverado1 Silverado 4 Silverado3


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6 Responses to Photos: Hot Wheels Camaro, 2014 Silverado

  1. Roger Henry says:

    How does an enthusiast get past a VERY bad experience with a GM car?

    I want to like GM products. I want to think that buying a GM product will be a good thing…but…!

    You see….in 1997 I leased an Astro van for use in my company. That van was not right from the day I picked it up. The problems were legion and the dealer was unconcerned and less than competent. The end of the 36 month lease couldn’t have been more welcomed. This was clearly the most frustrating three years of automotive hell that I could have ever imagined. I swore I would never sign up for that kind of treatment again. My subsequent vehicles have all been of the Asian persuasion, and each as served me well with none of the heartbreaks associated with that Astro.

    That brings me back to this piece—why would I take a chance putting my good money down on the direct descendent of that nightmare?

    • BJ says:

      So, one bad experience, 16 years ago, seems like a good reason for you to ignore reams of independently verified quality improvements and swear off all GM cars for life, yet the fact that vehicles carrying certain “Asian” brand-names have, in the last few years, carried people off cliffs to their deaths is something you can overlook? Honda just recalled more than 104K Acura compacts and S2000 sports cars for brake problems. A redhead tried to steal my purse in 1975…I guess all red-heads are trouble, right?

      If one crappy dealer and a single bad car is enough to swear you off any brand of automobiles for life, I’m not sure you can call yourself an “enthusiast.”

    • Craig Fitzgerald says:

      This is why GM isn’t selling three times more cars than it is right now. 2/3s of the people I talk to about GM relay some story about their aunt buying a Celebrity in 1984 and what a pile of shit it was.

      I don’t understand why people are willing to give Hyundai and Kia — which built cars out of hardened cheese and gum wrappers for the first decade it did business here — an enthusiastic pass, while excoriating General Motors for building shit cars almost 20 years ago.

      Nobody seems to have any issue with the rampant quality issues that plagued Toyota over the last three or four years. There’s a short memory for those 150,000 Toyota pickups that got recalled for having frame rust — something that GM seems to have figured out as early as about 1985.

      Am I missing something here?

      • Roger Henry says:


        I get your point. The difference though is that when people bought a Hyundai/Kia, almost expect it to be a piece of shit. That is why those cars were sold cheap. When I leased my crap Astro, and when Aunt Mildred bought that Celebrity, the expectation was for a quality product. When reality does not match expectation, feelings get hurt, enemies made.

  2. William Robinson says:

    I would never consider a kia or hyundai product based on their past quality and current issues people I know have had. One nice lady I know has a 11 forte koupe(rediculiss) she just had it into kia for its second provincial inspection, which on a new car is three years, her car needed pretty much all the front suspension replaced and it has less than 70k km on it, which to me is unacceptable in a three y/o car that was dealer maintained and meticiously cared for besides smoking in her car. My brothers wifes little brother (19) saved his money for most of his teen years and bought the sporty koupe last year, that car has been back to the dealer five times for crappy quality interior bits that dont want to say as assembled. And the rear suspension squeaks and rattles that included the rear struts (coukd have been just shocks) that where worn out and replaced just last month. His mother has a rio and…….Im done, but do know of a boxy mini suv thing having it fair share of issues at less than two years old.
    The 14 gmc and chev truck are just arriving on the dealer lots here in small town Nova Scotia. I have to say that they look much better in person but I still dont know about the square wheel openings, from the front they look slick though.