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Clunker Camper: 1973 Rectrans Discoverer

Jul 2, 13 • by Craig Fitzgerald • Craigslist Finds, Featured, Vintage Cars4 CommentsRead More »

The early 1970s were the zenith of future-forward campers and RVs, when independent builders and major manufacturers alike sent suburbia to the wilderness. The Rectrans Discoverer is a perfect example of existung truck technology matched with dope-induced styling.

The 1973 Rectrans Discoverer 25 is a Class A motorhome. Just 1,875 of these made, and very few are still on the road. Rectrans motorhomes were designed by Larry Shinoda in the early 1970s, following the 1968 Mako Shark Corvette and 1970 Boss 302.


Power is courtesy of a Chrysler 413 big block with a Loadflite transmission, on a M300 Chrysler chassis. This example for sale on Craigslist has just 96K miles.


Inside has beds for 5 people, dining table, kitchen, and a bathroom.


It’s a perfect way to indulge your Mopar collecting bug, and keep the family happy all summer.


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4 Responses to Clunker Camper: 1973 Rectrans Discoverer

  1. Wendy says:

    Very happy indeed. Make sure to dress them in polyester bellbottoms

  2. Dave Swider says:

    I’d really like a Vixen, which had a nifty hinged roof and a BMW turbodiesel out back. When CD tested one, they said that they liked it because it actually was drivable. Barring that, one of those GM Discovery flying sausages would be cool.

  3. Steve Strieter says:

    Styling reminiscent of the Pregnant Guppy transport planes, where the inspiration was apparently drawing the original (in this case a Dodge B100 van) object on a balloon and then inflating it.
    But really, “Rectrans”? If anybody cared, that’s a one-word setup line.

  4. BJ says:

    The 4th picture down is hilarious. Nothing like a huge spare covered in canvas mounted vertically on your front bumper to further reduce drag and increase your mileage.