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Two-Wheel Tuesday: Japanese Motorcycle Barn Find

Jul 16, 13 • by Craig Fitzgerald • Featured, Vintage Motorcycles1 CommentRead More »

LeadNot that I want to turn this into a motorcycle blog, but my pal Jay Holdash forwarded this Craigslist posting from Portland, Oregon, detailing a collection of Japanese motorcycles up for sale for $60,000.

Sixty grand is a lot of money, especially when you’re talking about vintage Japanese bikes. There are very few that are worth anything more than a couple of grand. The nice thing is about this collection is that some of those bikes are represented.

Honda 350 SidecarThis Honda CB350, for example — looks to be about a 1972? — featuring a period correct sidecar, is a $3,000 bike all day long, especially since the seller mentions that all the bikes in the collection have titles.

Brown Kawasaki

This Root Beer Kawasaki H1F Mach III is missing its rear fender, but otherwise looks complete. Parts bikes are selling between $1,000 and $1,500, and nice, running examples with titles hover around $3,500 to $4,500.

Green KawasakiThen there’s well into 25 examples of bikes like this Kawasaki KZ400. This one looks like a 1978. If it runs and has a title, it’s a $1,000 bike.

The bikes all range in years between 1968 and 1980. There’s a  crappy picture of an early Kawasaki GPz550 in there that’s probably $3,000,  a Bridgestone, a few toaster-tank Hondas, and more.

So the question is this: Given 35 of the bikes are worth between $750 and $1,200, and maybe 10 to 12 of the bikes can push into the $3,000 range, plus a bunch of spare parts, if you had $60k, would you gamble it on making your money back and keeping the special stuff?




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