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Car Lot Finds: 1976 Pontiac Grand Prix w 45k Miles!

Jul 31, 13 • by Craig Fitzgerald • Car Lot Finds, Featured, Vintage Cars1 CommentRead More »

Grand Prix LEADWell, my little local car dealer — Keystone Automotive in Holliston, Mass. — does it again with another car that I get lustful feelings for every time I drive by. This time, it’s a 1976 Pontiac Grand Prix with just 45,000 miles showing on the odometer, and nothing to make believe it’s not authentic. Grand Prix3High-Hiding White isn’t exactly my favorite color, but there’s something about it on this GP that makes me want it. Bad.

Grand Prix5I think it’s probably the red gut that does it for me. Oh, dear Jesus, I love a red interior. American cars haven’t been shit since we got rid of red upholstery and vent windows.

Grand Prix4I was kind of surprised it was a column-shifted automatic, until my wife, Lisa, reminded me that both of the Colonnade-bodied Oldsmobile Cutlassii she owned were column-shifted autos, as well.

Grand Prix6I’m digging the velour-ish material these seats are made of. It’s specially designed to pullĀ  your shirt out of your pants when you sit on it.

Grand Prix EngineFrom the photos, the engine bay looks as clean as the rest of the car.

Grand Prix OdometerShowing almost 46,000 on the odometer. From the looks of it, it certainly doesn’t appear to have outrun the digits.

The price? $7,695. I’m assuming this is going to sell in the neighborhood of $6,900. Lisa’s super-clean 1973 Olds Cutlass with 75,000 miles from Georgia ended up costing us about $3,500, but that was nigh on 20 year ago.

Finding a car in this incredible condition from a dealer, the price isn’t surprising to me at all.

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  1. That car is awesome! It shares the same dash as my 73 Grand Am! I forgot you could get a bench seat in these cars. Sweet! Heading to the Indian Uprising in St. Charles, IL tomorrow with the GAs prior owner and several of my Pontiac friends. He to have some photos to share.