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Roadside Find: ’86 Cutlass Salon

Aug 6, 13 • by Randy Foster • Car Lot Finds4 CommentsRead More »

Car is showing about 65,000 miles and is in great shape. I have the details if anyone is interested.





4 Responses to Roadside Find: ’86 Cutlass Salon

  1. When my best friend from college forgot his sister’s shoes for his wedding, I had to drive his stepfather’s ’86 Cutlass back across Jackson, MS and the nearby reservoir to get them. It was plush, and for its day, quick enough. I see quite a few of these in great original condition at car shows in the area (Chicagoland). I think they are the only ones of that body style to have survived around here. Rarely see old Monte Carlo’s, Grand Prixs and Regals (unless they are SSs, Aero Coupes, or GN/X.

  2. Anthony says:

    Great cars! Beautiful lines and run great, wish they made new ones!

  3. Tony says:

    Wow and T-Tops too! What a pretty Cutlass!

  4. Brian Epro says:

    Does the driver side door being out of alignment by two inches make it go faster?