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Vintage Cars in the City

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Cars in teh City

I caught this video by the folks at Petrolicious this morning. I love it for a couple of reasons: First of all, the photography and the direction is amazing. Secondly, it focuses on people who live with old cars in New York City. I’m fascinated by that idea.

As much as I’d like people to think I’m some kind of hip urbanite, I’m a bumpkin who grew up in the suburbs of Boston. And not the good suburbs, either. The shitty ones 20 minutes north with forgettable names like Billerica and Woburn. When I was growing up, the big city was Lowell.

The advantage to living in the town of Wilmington, though, was that when I hit 15.5 years of age, I had a car and a place to store it. Every day during the summer of 1983, I spent doing bodywork on my ’76 Camaro. Every kid on my street had some beat-to-shit driveway filler that today would cost upwards of $20,000. My next-door neighbor had a ’70 Challenger R/T. The kid up the street had a Chevelle convertible.

I always assumed that people in the city either didn’t have cars at all, or drove diesel Rabbits solely because they occasionally needed to find their passport and update their shots for a ride out to Framingham. But what I learned when I went to work at Hemmings Motor News was that a LOT of people in the city are car enthusiasts, and a lot of them will move heaven and earth to keep a car and have it accessible.

That’s what this video is all about. It takes a lot more dedication than I’d be willing to put in.

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  1. Great video! I saw an old Porsche 356 in Old Town in Chicago today. I was on my bike, so I was too slow to get a shot of it!