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Building the Perfect Bluesmobile

Sep 3, 13 • by Craig Fitzgerald • Car Lot Finds, Featured, Vintage Cars1 CommentRead More »


I was out with the family yesterday and caught sight of this in a small-town garage in Hopkinton, Massachusetts. I snapped a quick photo before the sky opened up in an absolute deluge. It’s a 1974 Dodge Monaco, obviously decked out like the Bluesmobile from The Blues Brothers, but it wasn’t until my pal Jay Holdash chimed in that I realized what an accurate portrayal it was.

The awesomely named Bismo Beerbelly has a Flickr devoted to the car’s build. It started out with spraying the doors and roof white.


I love how the decals and markings were all “reliced” as the guitar geeks like to say.


The details also include an appropriate Illinois license plate (BDR 529).


Even the pushbar looks right.

You can see the entire build at the owner’s Flickr.


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One Response to Building the Perfect Bluesmobile

  1. Hey, that’s my Forester parked right next to it! How did I miss that! (Kidding!)

    That is an amazing replica of the Bluesmobile! Kudos to the builder!