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Motorcycle Monday: Hey, Where’s Lotus Motorcycles?

Oct 28, 13 • by Craig Fitzgerald • Vintage Motorcycles1 CommentRead More »

A few months back, I wrote a piece for BoldRide about Lotus Motorcycles. I suggested (A) that it was a bad idea, and (B) that it was probably vaporware, anyway. I got a handful of scathing responses. I got a good one from some guy on the Twittah that said “Dude, your write up on Lotus Motorcycles is simply not true. People laughed at Lamborghini when they ditches tractors for cars.” OK, Twitter Guy: Prove me wrong.

It’s now been four months since the Lotus Motorcycle people sent out a press release. In that time, Lotus has successfully built:

  • A website with nothing in it
  • A picture of a helmet with a Lotus Motorcycles sticker on it
  • A Twitter account with 95 followers
  • A Facebook page without a single update since June 20th

That last update promised “In the next few weeks, images of Lotus Motorcycles will be released and will give a first insight into what to expect from the new Lotus C-01.”

Four months later, not a peep. ┬áNo photos at Lotus Motorcycles’ website. Nothing at designer Daniel Simon’s website except a link to the same.

The only real news came on July 19, when designer Luca Bar created his own interpretation of what the C-01 would look like.


The pictures went around like crazy, but they’re just the product of a fertile imagination, with no connection to Lotus Motorcycles whatsoever.

So, I’m ready to call this one: Time of Death, October 28, 2013.


One Response to Motorcycle Monday: Hey, Where’s Lotus Motorcycles?

  1. Wendy Moore says:

    Dude, you are way harsh. If it wasn’t for the feet being nailed to the perch, they would burst from the cage.