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  • Kiplinger’s List For People Who Hate Cars

    Apr 25, 13 • Commuting, Featured, New Cars3 Comments
    Kiplinger’s List For People Who Hate Cars

    Kiplinger’s is a pretty good personal finance/business magazine, but the cars they’re recommending on their 2013 Cheapest Cars list is a parade of vehicles that offer all of the spirit and pure enjoyment of a catheter. Buying new is never cheap, and if cheap is all your interested in, you’re left with the new cars [&hellip...

  • Sweet Leaf

    Jun 22, 11 • Commuting, New Cars4 Comments
    Sweet Leaf

    I’m not a proponent of alternative fuels, alternative power, hybrid cars or anything other than the internal combustion engine. We’ve come nowhere near the end of what an internal combustion engine is capable of. Fuel mileage can be dramatically increased if we’d all just get used to the fact that our workaday passenger cars can’t [&hellip...

  • Fear Marketing 101

    Apr 4, 11 • Commuting, New Cars, NewsComments Off on Fear Marketing 101
    Fear Marketing 101

    Not three months ago, the Toyota Prius was nailed to the showroom floor. Less expensive gas and a year’s worth of bad press surrounding the “unintended acceleration” issue (read: “I stepped on the gas and the brake” issue) meant that Toyota’s hybrid car was suddenly subject to interesting financing and discounts, which had never happened [&hellip...

  • First Impressions: 2011 Kia Sportage EX

    Nov 3, 10 • Commuting, New Cars, News1 Comment
    First Impressions: 2011 Kia Sportage EX

        It’s been a long time since I’ve driven a Kia Sportage. Two generations, in fact. The last one I drove was probably some time around 1999 and I’ll pull no punches here: It was the single biggest pile of crap I ever drove, bar none. With the exception of its price tag, it [&hellip...