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  • Building the Perfect Bluesmobile

    Building the Perfect Bluesmobile

    I was out with the family yesterday and caught sight of this in a small-town garage in Hopkinton, Massachusetts. I snapped a quick photo before the sky opened up in an absolute deluge. It’s a 1974 Dodge Monaco, obviously decked out like the Bluesmobile from The Blues Brothers, but it wasn’t until my pal Jay ...

  • Don Knotts: Dodge Boy

    Aug 1, 13 • Vintage Cars2 Comments
    Don Knotts: Dodge Boy

    Automakers spend hundreds of millions every year on celebrity endorsements. Overseas, actors like Uma Thurman and Patrick Stewart bring sex and gravitas to brands like BMW, and here in the States, Jeff Bridges and Robert Downey, Jr. have teamed up with Hyundai and Nissan to add their familiar voices to television commercials. But when you ...

  • Clunker Camper: 1973 Rectrans Discoverer

    Clunker Camper: 1973 Rectrans Discoverer

    The early 1970s were the zenith of future-forward campers and RVs, when independent builders and major manufacturers alike sent suburbia to the wilderness. The Rectrans Discoverer is a perfect example of existung truck technology matched with dope-induced styling...

  • 5 Favorite Cars I Loved Before I Knew Anything About Cars

    Jun 19, 13 • Vintage Cars6 Comments
    5 Favorite Cars I Loved Before I Knew Anything About Cars

    My old man (pictured above with me at age 3 and his ’67 Dodge Polara in the background) wasn’t what you’d call a “car guy.” He liked cars, but never purposely opened the hood of one the entire time I knew him. We never went to a car show, and we never spent time hanging ...

  • Car Talk’s Clunkers

    Jun 12, 13 • Featured, Vintage Cars2 Comments
    Car Talk’s Clunkers

    At an undisclosed location yesterday, I had some time to grab some photos of Tom and Ray Magliozzi’s cars — otherwise known as Click and Clack from NPR’s Car Talk...

  • Clunker Nation Photo Contest Ends Tomorrow

    May 24, 13 • Vintage CarsComments Off
    Clunker Nation Photo Contest Ends Tomorrow

    Just a quick reminder that if you want to score yourself a sweet Clunker Nation bumper sticker, you have to enter the contest by noon tomorrow by emailing a photo to

  • Craigslist Score: 1964 Dodge Dart GT

    May 7, 13 • Featured, Vintage Cars8 Comments
    Craigslist Score: 1964 Dodge Dart GT

    I’ve spent my whole life in New England, but sometimes when I see cars like this in Craigslist I want to load up the truck and move to Bever-lee. Goleta, California is the home of Moss Motors, the British parts supplier, but this sweet 1964 Dodge Dart will make you forget you ever liked British ...

  • Photo Essay: Desert Valley Auto Parts

    May 1, 13 • Featured, Vintage CarsComments Off
    Photo Essay: Desert Valley Auto Parts

    It’s unfortunate that Desert Valley Auto Parts in Scottsdale, Arizona was involved in that horrible reality show, because it’s truly an awesome place. If you’re a kid from New England, the idea that you can show up there and just remove bolts with a ratchet and not have to resort to the hot wrench is ...

  • Morning in America

    May 3, 11 • Uncategorized5 Comments
    Morning in America

    There are fewer compelling reasons to buy a Japanese car than at any point since the early 1970s. March’s devastating earthquake, ensuing tsnumai, and surreal nuclear meltdown in Japan are all beginning to have real and lasting impact on the automotive industry there and here. Parts are becoming scarce. We just heard from one customer ...

  • Kraigslist Katastrophes II: Punctuation Edition

    Kraigslist Katastrophes II: Punctuation Edition

    My friend Michael Hazen thinks I should have a regular feature making fun of Craigslist car ads, so 10 percent of the untold riches I will obtain from this venture will go to him. jeep cj7 wrangler v8 lifted off road rig – $2500 (pembroke) i have a nice built 1979 jeep cj7 fiberglass ...