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  • My day job

    Oct 29, 10 • UncategorizedComments Off on My day job
    My day job

    So during the day, I’m the Editorial Director at a company that does a lot of work for auto dealers and manufacturers. Here’s my first whack at a podcast with a guy named Scott Monty, who is Ford Motor Company’s head of social media. If you’re interested in how big companies like Ford are trying [&hellip...

  • Killing the Ranger: Behind the Bullshit

    Sep 20, 10 • New Cars4 Comments
    Killing the Ranger: Behind the Bullshit

    Here’s the official word from this morning on Ford’s decision to kill off the Ranger in the United States. Let me warn you, if you ever enjoyed the compact pickup market, prepare to be enraged: US-Spec Ranger to End Production In case you’re too lazy to read the entire story, I’ll summarize: Ford is [&hellip...

  • Corrosion Recalls: Rust Never Sleeps

    Corrosion Recalls: Rust Never Sleeps

    I just saw a news item regarding NHTSA’s probe regarding corroding fuel tank straps in Ford F-150s. Apparently, out of the 300 gagillion F-150s the manufacturer built between 1996 and 2001, 28 of them had fuel tank straps that rusted away and dropped the fuel tank on the ground. Twenty-eight trucks. Now I can certainly [&hellip...